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Information User ID: Please enter your 9-digit Douglas College student ID or employee ID number.

PIN: For your first time logging in, enter your default PIN. If your default PIN was generated on or after April 29, 2019, Your default PIN will be your birthdate followed by ‘Douglas’ (DDMMYYDouglas).

If your default PIN was generated before April 29, 2019, your default PIN is your birthdate only (DDMMYY).

You will be prompted to change your PIN after logging in.

Forgot your PIN: please enter your ID in the User ID box and then click the "Forgot PIN?" Box.

To ensure your privacy, please EXIT the system when you are finished.

Attention! If you are still using your default PIN or an easy-to-guess PIN, you are at high risk of having your account compromised. Change it now.

Note: You cannot change your PIN through the Douglas App.


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